SCUBA Equipment Repair and Service

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Category Service Price Notes
Regulator Repair Regulator Service $60.00 This includes first stage, primary second stage, and alternate second stage. If proof of warranty is not provided, parts will be an additional charge.
First Stage Annual $30.00
Second Stage Annual $25.00
AIR2/Airsource $35.00
Inspection Fee $30.00
Battery Change $19.95 (Battery changes needing to be returned to manufacturer are quoted on an individual basis. For this reason, please allow extra time due to shipping.)
Buoyancy Control Device Service BCD Annual Service $30.00 Annual Servicing includes inspection of the unit and the low-pressure inflator.
BCD Inspection Fee $15.00
EAN - O2 Cleaning Regulator First Stage $35.00
Second Stage $30.00
AIR-2/Airsource $40.00
Scuba Cylinder $30.00
Tank Valve $25.00 Additional charges may apply for repair parts.
SCUBA Cylinder Service Hydro / VIP / Fill $50.00
Air Fills $8.00 80 cu. ft. tank or less
Air Fills $9.00 Tanks over 80 cu. ft.
Air Fills $13.00 Tanks over 3000 psi
Nitrox (32%) $13.00 80 cu. ft. tank or less
Nitrox (32%) $15.00 Tanks over 80 cu. ft.
Nitrox (32%) $18.00 Tanks over 3000 psi
Annual VIP Plus Aluminum $18.00 Includes air fill & new O-ring
Annual VIP Steel $12.00 Includes air fill & new O-ring
Burst Disc Replacement $12.00 Does not include parts
Tank Valve Service $15.00 Does not include parts
SCBA Fills $9.00 Does not include parts

Unless otherwise noted, additional fees may apply for replacement parts

To assure that specific equipment problems or concerns are handled, please indicate these upon delivery.

Additional Conditions and Terms

Equipment left over 30 days is subject to a storage fee. Equipment left over 90 days is subject to become property of Peachtree Dive, LLC.

Sometimes equipment not meeting the manufacturer’s specifications for function and safety requires shipment to the manufacturer for repair. If this service is refused, you will be subject to a $25.00 disassembly fee.

Repairs are completed within 14 days. A $25.00 rush charge may apply if expedited service is required.