PADI Seal Team

Seal Team members embark on five aqua missions where scuba skills are learned and refined with a Seal Team DVD, activity book, underwater games and activities! Many of the scuba skills learned through Seal training can also be applied toward the Open Water Confined Water Dive number one!!

Seal Team Aqua Missions are split into classroom training and pool sessions for a total of nine hours for the course. Basic Seal Team is scheduled at your convenience. Mastery of underwater skills is required before advancement into the Master Seal Team program, your next big adventure.

Seal Team participants must be at least eight years old.

Cost: $250.00 per participant

Included in the cost:

What you should bring:

Special Offer: Seal Team members will receive $50 off the cost of the Open Water Diver Certification at the completion of the Master Seal Team Program!

2018 Seal Team Classes

Master Seal Team — Underwater Adventures

If you've already completed your Seal Team training, then continue the action and adventure of underwater exploration with these exciting specialty courses:

Creature ID Specialist

Learn how to identify aquatic animals and how they move through the water.

Inner Space

Learn how to hover in the water like an astronaut!

Snapshot Specialist

Learn how to take stunning underwater pictures during this aquamission.

Night Specialist

This exciting mission lets you experience diving in the dark!

Safety Specialist

In this fun mission, you will learn how to help other divers if they get into trouble.

Cost: $75 per course

Special Offers:

Seal Team Specialties (for current Seal Team members):