Snorkeling Program

Adult's Class & Confined Water

As a part of the snorkeling adventure, you will begin with a short informative video and an in-depth classroom discussion of the marine environment, including marine life and aquatic plants. You will learn how to locate appropriate skin diving sites and identify potential hazards. Proper maintenance and care for your equipment is also discussed. Once in the indoor, heated pool you learn and practice skills discussed in class such as water entries, surface dives, and breathing techniques.

Kid’s Class & Confined Water (Ages 5 - 11)

Along with the brief classroom portion and video, a "Snorkeling For Kids" interactive book is provided for each child to read, color, and keep and refer to when needed. A session in our indoor, heated pool is also provided to give the children an opportunity to learn and practice skills under the instructor's supervision.

Cost: $65.00

Personal Equipment Fees: $90.00 - $175.00
(Free Snorkel Class with purchase of $175.00 Snorkel Package)

Class Hours: All classes run from 9:00am - 11:00am

2018 Class Schedule*

*Classes may be changed to accommodate schedules and may vary in length with class size.