Specialty Diver Certifications

If all you ever do in diving is swim around and look at fish and coral, eventually you will get bored with the sport. To enhance your enjoyment of diving and to expose you to other aspects of the sport, Peachtree Dive Center offers instruction in over a dozen specialty areas. Among the more popular specialty courses are:

Deep Diver

Diving does not stop at 60 feet, but dive technique changes once you enter the realm of Deep Diving. Learn the effects deep diving has on air consumption, light, buoyancy control, marine life and more.

Cost: $110

Underwater Digital Photography

Discover how to capture underwater memories that will last forever. Learn about digital camera selection, picture composition, the different types and proper care of underwater photographic systems, and more.

Cost: $160

Drift Diver

Diving in a current can be an exhilarating experience – and the boat follows you and your buddy! Learn proper techniques of water entry and egress, proper surface float and signaling device use, etc.

Cost: $110

Dry Suit Diver

Learn the special techniques and skills required for the proper use of a dry suit and stay warm every dive regardless of the water temperature!

Cost: $150

Enriched Air Specialty (Nitrox)

Familiarize yourself with the procedures, safety protocols, hazards, risks, benefits and theory of no decompression diving with oxygen enriched air containing 22 percent to 40 percent oxygen. During the practical application of the course, you will practice and demonstrate mastery in enriched air handling, procedures and oxygen analysis.

Cost: $160

Equipment Specialist

Learn to properly adjust and maintain your valuable dive equipment without voiding manufacturer warranties. See different styles of equipment and learn emergency repair techniques that can save a dive trip.

Cost: $85

Manatee Awareness

The gentlest animal in the sea, the Manatee is an endangered species. Learn what makes these animals unique, the rules that affect you when you interact with them, and their outlook for survival.

Cost: $110

Night Specialist

The dive day doesn't have to end at sundown. Discover the proper technique for extending your dive time into the night. Learn about light management, navigation techniques, animal behavior and more.

Cost: $110

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Buoyancy is the most important skill you will develop as a diver. Learn advanced buoyancy skills that will help improve your diving efficiency while protecting the aquatic environment.

Cost: $85

Search & Recovery

In this course you will learn search and recovery dive planning, organization, procedures, techniques and how to deal with potential problems. You will learn how to locate large and small objects using search patterns, and how to lift them to the surface. This course will also improve your navigation and buoyancy skills.

Cost: $125

Underwater Naturalist

Do you know which types of fish, corals and plants sting, where to find a Brittle Starfish, or the favorite food of the Queen Angelfish? The Underwater Naturalist course reveals these secrets and more, making you more aware of the environment around you. The Naturalist course is a must for the serious underwater photographer or videographer.

Cost: $110

Underwater Navigation

Learn advanced compass and natural navigation techniques that will improve your efficiency as a diver. These techniques will give you additional confidence and help assure that you will be able to find your way back to the boat at the end of the dive.

Cost: $125

Underwater Video

Gain an understanding of the different video formats, learn proper shooting technique and use of camera functions, how to shoot for editing, good video composition and more.

Cost: $160

Wreck Diver

Learn the proper technique for penetration diving so you can safely explore the inside of the ocean's sunken ships. During this course you will learn to evaluate wrecks for safety, the specialized equipment and air management rules used during penetration diving, proper propulsion techniques and more.

Note: Diving in an overhead environment is dangerous without the proper training and equipment. Do not attempt this type of diving without the proper instruction, certification and equipment.

Cost: $185

Other Specialty Courses

While these are the more popular Specialty Courses, Peachtree Dive Center offers instruction in 21 Specialty areas, including Underwater Hunting, Cavern & Cave Diving and more. For information on a specialty course not listed, use our contact form or call us at 770.487.6609.